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Say goodbye to digital fatigue and distraction, and hello to “mui Board Gen 2,” a smart home hub that lets you turn your home into a body and soul-nourishing family sanctuary.

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A magical controller for the home

mui Board is a smart home controller that is made with wood to resemble a piece of furniture. With a tap, the control menu magically appears on the wooden surface—enabling control of nearby smart devices and appliances. mui Board Gen 2 synchronizes with major smart home ecosystems, such as Alexa and Google Home—all towards making your smart home work harmoniously. 

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Functional and playful smart home

Now powered by Matter, mui Board Gen 2 boasts a suite of cutting-edge smart home controls that work like magic. But what truly sets mui Board Gen 2 apart from anything else is its ability to create more delightful and playful moments for you and your family to enjoy together.

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Matter Connectivity

You now have a much wider selection of appliance and IoT devices to choose from, thanks to the mui Board Gen 2’s compatibility with Matter — the latest communication standard that enables devices to work across different smart home ecosystems.


‘Touch on Wood’ One Touch Scene Prompt

Just touch the wooden surface of the mui Board and watch it come alive. You will have instant access to your custom-bundled smart home controls to create a “scene.” This newly designed prompt makes smart home control a truly organic experience. 


Hand-writing recognition (Digital Ink)

With mui Board Gen 2, users will be able to send hand-written messages to 3rd party services, such as ChatGPT. Thanks to Wacom’s handwriting recognition technology, families will have more options to use handwriting as a way to interact with their connected home (more to be shared later). 


Energy Management 

We are working toward integration of HEMS/SHEMS (Home Energy Management System/Smart Home Energy Management System) controllers. The Energy Window will change its output according to the user's energy saving behavior. We are also working toward the future inclusion of a similar feature for our global users. 


OTA Automatic Update

The Board comes with an OTA (Over the Air) update function that enables automatic and constant functional updating.


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